Bicycle 360° Study Tour

This summer, Mobycon took a Canadian visitor on a whirlwind study tour mixing together all the ingredients from the Dutch cycling tradition. Visiting Delft, Rotterdam and Dordrecht, we spent time in lecture and discussion, and of course, on our bikes noticing the pavement details, roundabouts, bus stops, and variety of bicycle infrastructure. The objective of the tour was to give insight into the success of the Dutch tradition. We went beyond exploring the built environment covering topics as varied as cycling for all ages and abilities, cycling everywhere using a cohesive cycling network, encouraging multimodal trips – bike parking at train stations, integration with public transport and boats – cycling education and fast commuter routes.

Covering 360° of Dutch cycling culture, policy and built environment, we wanted to prepare our visitor James so he could return home ready to take action getting more people on bikes. James told us, 

“The study tour was very informative and very well presented.  

The information that I learned will be of great benefit in my job.” 

Get a peek at some of the sites included on our tour, here.

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