Placemaking in Fryslân: the Shared Space course

On Friday FEB. 13, 2015 Mobycon together with the Shared Space knowledge center of NHL university of applied science in Leeuwarden led a Shared Space course in the dutch cradle of Shared Space : the Province of Fryslân.

Dick van Veen (Mobycon) and Sjoerd Nota (Shared Space knowledge center of NHL) took a few devoted delegates of the Winter Cycling Congress 2015 on a one-day course. During the course, Sjoerd Nota presented the design philosophy behind the Shared Space concept after what our Mobycon's colleague stressed than Shared Spaces are more than naked streets. Before lunch, Dick and Sjoerd took the group on a cycle tour around Shared Spaces in Leeuwarden.


Finally, Dick van Veen challenged the attendees with a design work. The Station square of Leeuwarden central is about to be turned into a Shared Space. Attendees where asked to come up with rough design solution for this square based on the lessons from the morning. The group ended up with two different designs that matched with those selected by the City of Leeuwarden.

Design solution group 1

Design solution group 2

More about Shared Spaces

There is much more to be said about Shared Space.

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