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As a multidisciplinary consultancy, we approach training from a broad range of disciplines allowing us to meet a diverse range of expectations. Our international guides offer tours geared to your needs.

Angela van der Kloof

'Study tours are a great opportunity to create synergy between people's physical and mental movement. This stimulates actionable steps and innovation.'

Sustainable Mobility Consultant

Lennart Nout

'My mission is to help cities get the most out of their streets. Streets are public spaces, their most valuable asset and they deserve to be designed as such.'

Urban Mobility Consultant

Babet Hendriks

'Research into the use and potential of the electric bikes for long distance journeys gives new insights into the possibilities of sustainable mobility. I am inspired by my surroundings and strive for the best results.'

Mobility Advisor

+31 (0)6 287 067 22

Shelley Bontje

'Shelley is passionate about making mobility easy and accessible for everyone, while always considering the many diverse aspects of sustainability, so advice is adapted to future trends and developments.'

Mobility Advisor

+31 (0)6 587 004 44

Eveline de Jong

'I view mobility issues of infrastructure, parking and research from multiple perspectives. In a solution-orientated, analytical, creative way, I seek the best solution for all parties involved.'

Mobility Advisor

+31 (0)6 43 18 00 67

Jason Colbeck

'How we travel and interact with our surroundings is, in part, a product of the way they are designed. My experience in the UK, I create environments that enable people to walk, cycle and relax, and put people at their heart.'

Advisor, Urban Design and Mobility

+31 15 214 78 99

Melissa Bruntlett

The Netherlands has so much to offer when it comes to learning about cycling cities and how to apply lessons to other cities around the world. Study tours are a great opportunity to experience those ideas in action, and learn from the people who experience it every day!

International Communications Specialist

+31 6 12 50 50 63

Sophie Simon