Standard Study Tours and Field Trips

Based on our experience leading study tours and field trips, we have developed several options covering topics of great interest to visitors. The below options can vary in length depending on your interests, and we look forward to working with you to offer an exciting and engaging tour.

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This course mixes together a number of ingredients from the Dutch cycling tradition! This 4-hour field trip takes place in Delft, a pioneering cycling city but it is more than just a bike tour. It is a training session to help city planners, traffic engineers, economic development officials, city council members, researchers and others to develop their own unique cycling traditions at home.


Like the Delft Trip, this course mixes together ingredients from the Dutch cycling tradition, taking you on a 4-hour field trip in Zwolle, one of Mobycon’s other homes in the Netherlands. By participating in the bike tour and training session, city planners, traffic engineers, economic development officials, city council members, researchers and others will be able to develop their own unique cycling traditions at home.


Amsterdam is one of the world leaders in cycling mode share. But how did they get there? This tour is a journey through time. We start in the medieval city centre and travel through the city, ending in the modern cluster of development in Amsterdam Zuid (South). Along the way we see how the bicycle conquered the old streets, but also how it was accommodated in the expansion areas from the 1920’s, the 1950’s and how it continues today. We also take a good look at innovative bicycle parking solutions, the powerful combination of bikes and public transport and the importance of traffic calming. A great all-round tour for both engineers, behaviour change specialists, urban designers and town planners.


For Dutch standards, Rotterdam enjoys a relatively low bicycle mode share of about 25%. However, the urban form of the city is comparable to many other cities that developed in the age of the automobile. Despite a more auto-centric approach, Rotterdam has a huge network of high-quality separated cycleways, world class architecture and forward-thinking placemaking. This makes Rotterdam a great example for the potential for other global cities. The tour of Rotterdam starts at the new central station, which is a true multi-modal transport hub. Along the way we will show you some prime examples of good roundabout design, bicycle streets and traffic calming and some of the many transformational street design projects that set Rotterdam apart from other Dutch cities.

Shared Space Inspiration Tour

Shared space is an innovative and sometimes controversial concept when it comes to road design and placemaking. Globally shared spaces are increasingly viewed as the new way of designing roads for people. On this tour we will take you back to the birth place of the design philosophy, the Dutch province of Fryslån. City planners, traffic engineers development officials and city council members will gain an in-depth knowledge of how these schemes work, what benefits are within reach and what traps should be avoided.